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    President Hou Xuejun attended China-Belarus Local Trade & EconomicCooperation Forum and Cooperation Agreements signed
    Date:2015-05-11 Editor: [Big Normal Small][Print Close]

    The Forum was held at Minsk, Belarus on May 11. Chinese President Xi Jingping and Belorussian President Lukasenko jointly attended and addressed the Forum.


    President Hou Xuejun attended the opening ceremony being invited as one of the Chinese entrepreneurs involved in projects undertaking in Belorussia, and joined activities of the Forum with other Chinese and Belorussian entrepreneurs. During the Forum, President Hou on behalf of the corporation signed Cooperation Agreements respectively with Belarus Amkodor Management Holding Company and Executive Council of Vitebsk.

    The corporation will avail itself of this high-level visit and forum and push the implementation of said cooperation agreements, thus continuously enhance the in-depth market development both in and around Belarus, and gain new momentum to the corporate business of international engineering and trade cooperation.



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